Asia Performing Arts Exchange Project
Spread our common sense.2021


Content of the symposium

The dance performance "Breakthrough Journey" was held on 30 and 31 January 2021 at the International Exchange Center for Persons with Disabilities (Big Eye), in collaboration with 10 other places in Japan and Asia. This performance is one of the projects organized and co-organized by the Japan Expo, a festival of culture and art that promotes the beauty of Japan both at work in Japan and abroad in other fields, under the overall theme of "The Japanese and Nature".
Through collaboration and co-creation between choreographers and professional dancers active in Japan and Asia and dancers with disabilities, we aimed to create a society in which diverse people can accept each other's diversity, regardless of disability, culture, nationality, language, gender or generation.
At the symposium, directors, choreographers, producers and dancers involved in "Breakthrough Journey" will take the stage in order to further deepen the diverse connections that have emerged through the production and performance of the work, and to aim for the future development of both the arts and welfare. They will also share the current situation of performing arts activities for people with disabilities in their respective regions, the results and challenges they have achieved through their work, and their future prospects.

Breakthrough Journey

A dance work by the dance company DAZZLE and more than 80 members including choreographers, professional dancers and dancers with disabilities selected from 10 locations in Japan and Asia.

Written & Directed by Tatsuya Hasegawa (DAZZLE)
Domestic participating regions: Aomori, Tokyo, Osaka, Shimane, Kochi, Okinawa
Overseas participating regions: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore


Start time of the symposium 1:00 p.m.

1. Digest video (15 minutes)
From Breakthrough Journey(Japan and Hong Kong scene)
Video editor:Koichiro Iizuka(DAZZLE)

2. Public talk
“Collaboration, Creation, Empathy and New Creation”

【Part 1】Presentation and Discussion (90 minutes)
- Presenter:
Janet TAM (Executive Director of Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong / Hong Kong)
Kevin WONG (Director, CCDC Dance Centre / Hong Kong)
Peter Sau (Head of Artistic Development, Performing Arts Very Special Arts Singapore [VSA(S)] / Singapore)
Ewen CHIU (Dancer / Taiwan)
Aman Yap Choong Boon (DUA SPACE DANCE THEATRE / Malaysia)
Shihoko Matsumoto (Warakoh Museum of art / Kochi,Japan)
*The order of presentation may differ from the order shown.

- Moderator:
Grace CHENG (Vice Chairperson of Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong / Hong Kong)

Break (5 minutes)

【Part 2】Discussion between Hong Kong and Japan
- Panelists:
Tatsuya Hasegawa (Leader of DAZZLE / General Director of "Breakthrough Journey")
Jacky FUNG (Manager, Programme & China Dance Development, CCDC Dance Centre)
Cyrus HUI (Choreographer)
Jason WONG (Artist)

- Coordinator:
Kyoko Suzuki (Deputy Director of International Communication Center for Persons with Disabilities/ Producer of “Breakthrough Journey”)

[ End time of the symposium ] (tentative)
4:00 p.m.

Agency for Cultural Affairs,
Projects to promote cultural and artistic activities by people with disabilities in2020 (including the promotion of a symbiotic society through culture and art)

Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong, City Contemporary Dance Company

Social Welfare Corporation Osaka Independence Support Association for Persons with Disabilities


【Part 1】

Janet TAM (Executive Director, Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong)

Janet TAM
(Executive Director, Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong)

Currently Executive Director of the Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong, Janet started working with people with different (dis)abilities as an artist, workshop facilitator, Playback Theatre practitioner and art administrator since 1996. A cancer survivor, she believes that disability is a universal experience of the human conditions. She holds an MA in Buddhist Studies (Fo Guang University, Taiwan, with research interest in Buddhism and Disability), an MA in Cultural Management (Chinese University, Hong Kong) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Theatre Studies (HKU SPACE). She is a Graduate of the Centre for Playback Theatre (USA). She is the recipient of the VSA Affiliate Council 2014 Award for Affiliate Champion.

Kevin WONG (Director, CCDC Dance Centre)

Kevin WONG
(Director, CCDC Dance Centre)

Wong graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a bachelor degree in Business Administration. He joined City Contemporary Dance Company in 1995 as a publicity Officer, and participated in many independent dance productions as a freelancer. He was the Company Manager of DanceArt Hong Kong, Project Manager of CCDC and Senior Marketing Manager of Theatre Ensemble / PIP Cultural Industry from 2000-2008. Wong became the Senior Programme Manager of CCDC Dance Centre in 2008, and now its Director. He is also the Secretary of Hong Kong Dance Alliance, Member of Programme and Development Committee and Community Panel of Leisure and Cultural Service Department, and Advisor (Dance) of Hong Kong Arts Development Council. He has served as the Arts Education Award Panelist and Arts Form Nominator (Dance) of Hong Kong Arts Development Award.

Wong is committed to promoting the ecological sustainable development of the local dance industry, focusing on the influence of cultural policies, networking, resources on the dance community.

Peter Sau(シンガポール/Very Special Arts Singapore)

Peter Sau
(Head of Artistic Development, Performing Arts Very Special Arts Singapore [VSA(S)])

An artist-educator, stage director and producer, Peter facilitates the professionalization of emerging artists with disabilities. He holds a Professional Diploma in Intercultural Theatre (Acting) from Intercultural Theatre Institute, Singapore, and a M.A in Advanced Theatre Practice from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, UK. A recipient of the 2011 Young Artist Award and 2015 Life! Theatre Awards ‘Best Actor’, he expands his practice through multi-disciplinary disability arts with a global outlook. In January, for the Light to Night Festival 2020, he was commissioned by National Gallery of Singapore to present a professional pan-disability promenade theatre performance, Something About Home. In 2020, he joined Very Special Arts Singapore as Head of Artistic Development, Performing Arts, and is currently rolling out initiatives to mentor and train emerging Deaf, disabled and neurodiverse artists to present multi-disciplinary artworks combining theatre, dance, visual arts and film, and be public speakers, educators and advocates - a first in Singapore.
With the opening of a new VSA(S) Artspace in the heart of Singapore, he will be driving new performing arts programmes for the community and building a centre of incubation and innovation for original works of disability-led art, engaging the neighbourhood, special needs schools, corporates and social service sector.

Ewen CHIU (Dancer)


Born in Chiayi, Chiu has started dancing since her childhood, and it was her luxurious pleasure besides school work before 16. As she graduated from high school, she devoted herself to her beloved dancing. She graduated in 1994, and joined “Cloud Gate Dance Theatre” ever since.
Her roles at Cloud Gate are usually young and dynamic girls, such as the white-clothed girl in the Wind of Spring of Bamboo Dream (2001), the maid in The Dream of Red Chamber (2005), the little fairy in Dreamscape ( 1985 )and the green snake in The Tale of the White Serpent (1975).
For more than 20 years, she has participated in many important performances by Cloud Gate, including the solo of Lin Hwai-min’s Rise(2013), How Can I Live on Without You(2012), Water Stains of the Wall (2011), Listening to the River (2010), W hiteII(2006), Wild Cursive ( 2005) Legacy (1978), Akram Khan's Lost Shadows (2007), Helen Lai’s La Vie En Rose(1996)


Aman Yap Choong Boon

• Founder & Artistic Director of Dua Space Dance Theatre, Malaysia
• Honoured by the Duchess of Kent International Scholarship to study in Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, major in contemporary dance
• Ex-professional dancer of Hong Kong City Contemporary Dance Company, Hong Kong and Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company, USA and GGD Dance Company in New York, USA
• Has toured 25 countries and 62 cities around the world
• Performed as the original cast of ‘Boy Story’, a renowned creation of Mr Yuri Ng in 1996 and toured around the world. Its 2016 restage in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Kuala Lumpur created huge attention and discussion from the Asian performing art network
• Selected as one of the Ten Most Outstanding Male Choreographers in Malaysia by Istana Budaya in 2003
• His dance piece ‘Leave Me Alone’ won The Best Choreographer Award and The Best Set Design Award in the 3rd BOH Cameronian Arts Awards in 2004
• Invited by Theatre Du Pif from Hong Kong as guest artist to perform in ‘Dance Me To The End Of Love’ in 2006 and toured Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai and Berlin and Columbia
• His excellent performances in numerous major productions won great compliments from the audiences:

Played the male lead role of in Musical ‘Hang Li Po’ (2004), Dance Drama ‘The Legend of Hou Yi and Chang Er’ (2008), Chinese Musical Dance Epic ‘Anak Malaysia’ (2009) and Epic Musical ‘The Story of Lim Lian Geok’ (2011) and more.

Shihoko Matsumoto (Warakoh Museum of art)

Shihoko Matsumoto
(Warakoh Museum of art)

After studying history at university, she came into contact with contemporary art through volunteer work and became involved in art-related activities.
She has been involved in the management of the museum since its preparation for opening in 2010, and has planned various exhibitions and other events while connecting various fields such as welfare and art, and art and the community. In addition, she provides consultation and support for the expressive activities of people with disabilities, fosters human resources, and supports the people with disabilities who work at the Warakoh Museum.


Grace CHENG(Vice Chairperson, Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong)

(Vice Chairperson, Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong)

ACurrently working as the Director of Art in Hospital and Community Art Network, Grace is also the Vice Chairperson of Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong. She believes art can bring lives infinite possibilities; therefore, she always acts as the agent to bring arts into different communities including people with disabilities.

【Part 2】

Tatsuya Hasegawa (Leader of DAZZLE / General Director of

Tatsuya Hasegawa
(Leader of DAZZLE / General Director of "Breakthrough Journey")

He is a dancer, director, choreographer, and leader of the dance company DAZZLE.
In addition to choreographing and performing in live performances for famous artists such as TVXQ, Takarazuka, Naoto Fujiki, and others, he has also choreographed and performed the lead role in the stage play "Ballare" directed by Tamasaburo Bando. He has also been invited to many overseas theater festivals and shows in the U.S., Singapore, Korea, Iran, and Romania. In recent years, he has been working on "Touch the Dark" and "SHELTER" for Immersive Theater, and continues to challenge new dance expression.

Jason WONG (Artist)

Jason WONG

HKPA Youth Arts Festival 2019 Youth Artists Awards (Open) honouree, Jason specialises in strong beat hip-hop, dance in sign, jazz dance and K-Pop. He has been actively participating in various performances and competitions, collaborating with different local and international artists. Apart from accepting various local and overseas media interviews, he was also involved in the production of Hong Kong's first Sign Dancing Movie ‘Lighting Dance of Silence’. In 2014, Jason went to study at the Broadway Dance Center in New York to improve his dance techniques. After returning to Hong Kong, Jason has been actively promoting ‘Silent Dance’, and formed ‘Fun Forest' with a group of dancing enthusiasts of deaf and hard of hearing in 2010. Jason is committed to promoting the Deaf culture. ‘Fun Forest’ has participated in a variety of dance activities and performances, and was awarded in various competitions, such as ‘Free Your Dream Power! Dream Stage 2016’, ‘Cross All Borders 2017’. Also, Jason had the honour of being one of the Ten Regeneration Warriors of Regeneration Society in 2016.

Jacky FUNG (Manager, Programme & China Dance Development, CCDC Dance Centre)

Jacky FUNG
(Manager, Programme & China Dance Development, CCDC Dance Centre)

Jacky Fung is currently the manager at the City Contemporary Dance Company and CCDC Dance Centre, focusing on strategic planning and implementation of programs, as well as liaising with various artists in the partnership programs. He also organizes the outreach programmes and exchange activities for China Dance Development Programmes, including City Contemporary Dance Festival and HOTPOT- East Asia Dance Platform.

Jacky is a Master’s degree holder in Cultural Management from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He also has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting and the Diploma in Stage Technology and Management respectively from the School of Drama and the School of Technical Arts at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. He has been invited by the Cultural Diplomacy Platform to participate in the Global Cultural Leadership Program 2018 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He is also the core member of the Asia Network for Dance (AND+), developing and empowering contemporary practice in dance within Asia.

Cyrus HUI (choreographer)

Cyrus HUI

Interpersonal politics, interpersonal tension and identity are the creative themes of choreographer Cyrus Hui from Hong Kong. His works address on the blindspots around contemporary society and lead audience to reflect on established social functions, roles and relationships.
Cyrus was born in Hong Kong. He graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and Folkwang Universität der Künste with a scholarship from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Music and Dance Fund. Over the years, Cyrus has gained extensive performing experience in Germany, France, Italy, Malaysia, China and Taiwan. He was nominated for Hong Kong Dance Award 2015 and 2017, for his choreographic work of Here it goes again and collaborative work of Dance, for No Reason.
Cyrus Hui now is the Artistic Director and Choreographer of Siu Lung Fung Dance Theater, and an executive member of the Hong Kong Dance Alliance.


Kyoko Suzuki (Deputy Director of International Communication Center for Persons with Disabilities, Big-I / Art Executive Producer)

Kyoko Suzuki
(Deputy Director of International Communication Center for Persons with Disabilities, Big-I / Art Executive Producer)

In 2000, she was involved in the launch of Big-I, and through the planning, production, and operation of the project, she has been working toward the realization of a symbiotic society that accepts people with disabilities and other diverse people through art and culture. Moreover, in order to promote the creation of an environment where everyone can enjoy art and culture, she is working on human resource development, awareness-raising, model projects, and network building in both the art and welfare fields.

Member of the Osaka Committee on Culture and Arts for the Disabilities, Member of the Shiga Advisory Committee for the Promotion of Cultural and Artistic Activities for the Disabilities, etc.
Book "Aiming for Inclusive Theater / How will theaters change under the Law for Eliminating Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities" (Village Press)